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Civility, a Workplace Necessity

Preventing Psychological or Sexual Harassment

Any company or organization must implement the means to prevent psychological or sexual harassment in order to provide a healthy working environment for staff. 

To help you, Arima Conseils is proud to present a self-guided online version of its popular training “Civility, a Workplace Necessity”!



Raise awareness among all staff of the importance of civility in the workplace and of each person’s responsibility in creating and maintaining a harassment-free work environment.


The content is made of interactive modules in which you will find:

  • The concepts of violence, incivility, and harassment
  • How to distinguish between harassment and management rights
  • Harassment and its legal obligations
  • Civility is everyone’s responsibility
  • And more!

Group Discount

Group discounts vary depending on the size of the group. Please note that access to training is valid for a period of 2 years.

You can find more details in the “Order Training” section. 

Available Formats

FULL 50-minute 
Designed to develop the skills necessary to effectively prevent or manage situations of incivility.

EXPRESS 20-minute
Ideal for transmitting basic notions of civility and your company’s values ​​to new talents.

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FULL 50 minutes


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EXPRESS 20 minutes

THE EXPRESS 20 minutes format is ideal to convey the basics of civility and your company’s values to new talents.

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